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Mobile CCTV for Fire Services

AutoEye Xpert Pro Series Enhancing Fire Appliance Safety

Improves road safety, reduces litigation costs, reduces vehicle down-time and enhances driver awareness

Fire response vehicle in garage at angled reverse view showing West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service Livery

Mobile CCTV has applications in Fire Services for both front-line appliances and managers cars. CCTV helps to support safety for both crew and members of the public in hazardous situations, identifying potential arsonists, protecting high value equipment on-board the vehicles, defending claims for accidents, and training from footage of real-life operations.

  • 360 coverage of front-line appliance
  • Covers lockers, incident scene, & highway
  • Improves accountability, safety, and training
  • Secure data storage & optional live streaming
  • High definition for detailed view of highway
  • High frame rate for high speed runs
  • Reversing aid for tight locations
  • Unobtrusive and ergonomic
Front Line Appliances

Due to the size and layout of front-line appliances it is common to find cameras both inside and outside the vehicle. Internal cameras help to ensure crew safety whilst in transit, and external facing cameras can monitor equipment lockers from front and back, view the highway front the front, and act as a reversing aid at the rear.

All cameras can be automatically switched to a dash-mounted monitor feed to ensure aid safe manoeuvring and reduce the need for a banksman.

Wireless connectivity options facilitate live streaming of operations to a command centre, and automatic uploading of events to archive storage.
Alarm and sensor inputs log vehicle and equipment functions to help identify driving behaviours and operational actions.

The AutoEye Xpert Pro series of video recorders can accommodate up to 16 cameras ensuring full coverage of front-line appliances from all angles. The modular approach to system design means the systems can be expanded as requirements grow.

It is also possible to integrate trigger functions from the popular Standby RSG FleetMotus range of telematics devices if required, further extending the capabilities.

Close up of a camera mounted onto a red vehicle underneath an unlit light with blue lens with workshop environment in background

Red button on black square housing with two green unlit recording lights for video and audio with various indicators across top in front of vehicle vents with curly cable

Fire Service Managers Cars

Fire Service Managers cars are often used for both business and domestic purposes. So having a discreet but functional camera recording system is important; external highway surveillance helps to ensure safety whilst driving at speed on operational duty, but ensuring cameras maintain good vantage points without creating a hazard for domestic passengers means high-quality covert cameras are required.

AutoEye Xpert Pro Home

Standby RSG have a range of miniature 1080P cameras which are perfect for this application, facilitating easy installation in the front and rear of the vehicle, and feeding a robust digital video recorder discreetly mounted out of the way in the boot. The AutoEye Xpert Pro recorder can also log vehicle speed, location, shocks, and events such as blue light activation providing an audit trail alongside the high-quality video images during an emergency call.