Europa Telematics System

Detailed journey analysis allows a fleet manager, line manager or accident investigator to view the actions of a driver on a second by second basis

Improve fleet resource management and driver behaviour

Saves Lives, Litigation, Money, Fuel, Time & Administration
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Management and Administration of User Interfaces


Tools to Improve Fleet Resource Management and Driver Behaviour

Journey Viewer
A specialised software analysis tool for the technically minded Fleet Manager and/or Administrator to enable standard and special reports to be produced at a resolution of 1Hz.

  • A journey is defined form ‘Ignition On’ to when the vehicle comes to rest with ‘Ignition Off’
  • A graphical representation of Speed/RPM, Direction and Acceleration
  • All vehicle inputs can be displayed simultaneously
  • Second by second analysis of every logged input
  • A scrolling feature offers precise time and incident analysis to within one second
  • Zoom In, Zoom Out graph views
  • View parts of interest of journey, whole journey, multiple journeys over weeks/months
  • View individual or multiple journeys
  • All data tagged with essential information
  • Journey summary reports – provide detailed data for up to 4 weeks worth of vehicle activity
  • Essential information such as speed and RPM shown in a graphical view against time together with other data such as blue lights and footbrake usage


Incident Analyser 

A specialised software analysis tool for the scientifically minded to enable standard and special reports to be produced up to a resolution of 100Hz.

  • 20 second pre- and post-accident data at 20Hz and 5 second impact data at 100Hz
  • Wheel (Road) Speed and Distance Travelled (mile or kilometres)
  • Engine Revolutions (RPM)
  • Vehicle Movement Measurements including:
    1. Longitudinal, vertical and transverse acceleration and deceleration
    2. Vehicle direction
    3. Vehicle rotation – angular velocity
    4. Measurement of slope and camber
    5. GPS data at 10Hz

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Incident and Accident Analysis
Standby RSG is able to provide a mature and widely used Incident Analysis suite of software with these features:

  • Approved track record of providing analytical evidential material for use in a court of law
  • Data stored for over two weeks before over-written
  • Works in conjunction with all captured data
  • Data resolution up 100 Hz if required
  • Easy to use by trained operators
  • Data available in various presentation formats
  • The accident functionality can be available on standard networked machines running relevant software
  • Highly refined for city use and pedestrian impact as well as glancing blows
  • System supported by a comprehensive range of training packages ranging from incident appreciation overview for lay users up to expert accident investigators

Front on shot of an ambulance involved in a controlled collision, left side door is open, bonnet smashed and left headlight missing, back end of car in lefthand foreground, boot smashed and tyre off wheel, people taking photos between the two vehicles with debris scattered on floor

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