ITAI Crash Day 2023 Summary

Front on shot of an ambulance involved in a controlled collision, left side door is open, bonnet smashed and left headlight missing, back end of car in lefthand foreground, boot smashed and tyre off wheel, people taking photos between the two vehicles with debris scattered on floor

Telematics Solutions from Standby RSG: Enhancing Traffic Accident Investigation and Road Safety


Standby RSG is a leading provider of innovative telematics solutions aimed at improving road safety and accident investigation. The recent Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators (ITAI) Crash Day Event called for on-vehicle Data Logging and Journey Recording units to be installed across various crash test vehicles, which were supplied and fitted by Standby RSG. These devices were invaluable in collecting key data to provide a deeper understanding of traffic accidents and pave the way for enhanced road safety measures.



The Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators is renowned for its commitment to improving road and vehicle safety whilst promoting the benefits of this to the public. Their annual Crash Day event brings together industry professionals, researchers, and technology providers to explore new methodologies and equipment, with the aim of improving accident analysis.

Standby RSG’s Europa and FleetMotus units were installed on a range of vehicles and subjected to controlled collisions to simulate real-world accidents. Comprehensive and accurate data was captured relating to speed, acceleration, impact and other relevant parameters.
Standby RSG’s telematics devices utilise state-of-the-art sensors and data acquisition technology to ensure accurate and reliable data recording. The information captured by these devices is securely stored for later analysis, creating an accurate series of events leading up to and during an accident. As well as providing crucial collision data, Europa and FleetMotus telematics devices also reduce incident risk within the fleet by managing unsafe driver behaviour.

The collaboration between the Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators and technology providers including Standby RSG has demonstrated the significant value of data-driven approaches in accident investigation and road safety enhancement. The use of Standby RSG’s Data Logging and Journey Recording units provided a wealth of real-time information, allowing researchers to gain deeper insights into the causes and consequences of road traffic accidents.

Download a copy of the case study here.